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The day Kim and Marcus Harris were always waiting for – ESPNcricinfo – ESPNcricinfo.com

“She lived with us when Marcus was little fellow,” Kim said. “Every Saturday morning she would tell Marcus that he will get 20 Australian dollars for a hundred and on days that will happen my mother would hand him over the money. When he was 15, in a particular season, he hit 11 hundreds. My mother will tell him: “Marcus you are going to bankrupt me.” Even when he became a first-class player for Western Australia and would make a hundred, she would put in $20 in a card and write ‘to my favourite grandson’, and put it on his bed. And Marcus would tell her that she didn’t need to put $20 now as he his earning now but she would say that ‘you got to keep it as that’s the deal’. Mum passed away three years ago but, yes, they were very close.”

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Harris would no doubt love to bank a few hundreds for Australia but, no matter what lies ahead in his career, he is already living out his father’s dream.

“You could say that,” Kim said. “Every dad would love to do that. But it’s his road. I am just glad that I am sitting in the back passages and knowing we are with him. I will support him all the way.”