KSCA managing committee official Sudhindra Shinde arrested for alleged match-fixing in KPL

On Tuesday, Binny had reacted for the first time after being elected KSCA president recently. Binny called the KPL corruption scandal as an “unfortunate turn of events”, and that the KSCA would sanction the guilty appropriately.

“With the unfortunate turn of events with regard to the Karnataka Premier League, we would like to reaffirm that we are fully cooperating with the authorities to ensure that those who have wronged the sport will be subject to due process of law,” Binny said. “Any player/official/franchise, who has brought disrepute to the sport/association due to their involvement in betting/match-fixing or any other illegal activity, will be suspended immediately, if there is a prima facie evidence.”

Shinde’s arrest came on the back of several other people, including cricketers, being interrogated and even apprehended by the police in the past few months. Apart than Thara and Bhavesh Bafna, who played the drums at the grounds during KPL matches, the police recently took into custody former Karnataka captain CM Gautam and spinner Abrar Kazi. Both had represented Bellary Tuskers in the last season of the KPL.

Among other players who have been called for questioning are fast bowler Abhimanyu Mithun and spinner KC Cariappa.

The KPL corruption scandal followed the alleged approaches made to players during the last edition of Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL).

The BCCI’s anti-corruption unit launched an investigation into the TNPL controversy, too, and recently anti-corruption head Ajit Singh said that the KSCA had been “amply warned” about some of the KPL matches being possibly “compromised” if adequate safeguards were not put in place.

On Sunday, Sourav Ganguly, the BCCI president, said that anti-corruption in domestic T20 leagues within India was a concern and the board was keeping a close eye on the developments.